A Learning Management System can make or break your training.

Takeoff Trim can provide a new LMS or use yours.

1) We can connect our courses to your existing LMS if desired!


2) Our recommended LMS has features that save administrative time, provide more training methods, allow you to build your own courses and exams, and provide fast graphic and spreadsheet data to your management.

Your Takeoff Trim LMS can be up in

one day!

Connect to existing LMS Learn Management Systems
  • Unlimited courses, unlimited LMS branches for company departments.

  • Customize the look and theme of your LMS at any time.

  • Each peerson can select their own main language for LMS actions.

  • Your LMS user count (and cost) can be changed as your needs change.

  • Students can compare their progress via the included Leaderboard.

  • Gaming badges can be assigned to encourage gamification.

  • Automation assignments and messaging save Admin time and will automatically adjust course assignments to adjust the training for each individual.

  • A mobile APP is included for training, and (like the LMS) it also provides graph/text information for management review of airline training progress.

  • Included API at no cost, allowd LMS data to be connected to your company record system.

  • . . . and much more!

Provides the best management solutions

Takeoff Trim can provide Admin and User support (24/7) for the LMS and Courseware.

Be in the KNOW

When you subscribe to our LMS, you can shop for courseware from various vendors to ensure you have the best training, and best pricing. 

Takeoff Trim

Unlock Your Aviation Training Capabilities