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You made it, We convert it, You own it!

PowerPoint Conversions with Takeoff Trim

Send your PowerPoint program to Takeoff Trim for a fast conversion. 

We can add 2d & 3d images, narration, video, and exam questions.

We send you the converted Source file, because you "own it".

We can also put it on the LMS for you and make your assignments!

Above is a vertical orientation of PowerPoint, converted to Storyline and is now trackable by an LMS.

"Convert it, Deliver it, Track it"

We will convert your PPT, and will send you the converted course so you can load it on your own LMS

and you will have ownership of the files!

This Service is available immediately!

We can train your team to convert your PPT 's in-house or simply build courses in the LMS

Be in the KNOW

Takeoff Trim

Helping You to Unlock Your Aviation Training Capabilities

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