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A Trim-Teams membership is the height of aviation training collaboration. 

As a Takeoff Trim client, we include online collaboration

to update your existing Takeoff Trim courses.

As a Trim-Teams member, we help build your NEW projects.

What courses do you want to make in-house?    We can supply graphics, interactive diagrams, exams, and video “blocks” that your team can plug-in with your content to produce excellent new courses.

Your company lowers expenses to build new programs, and your team creates a solid foundation.

Need some "just-in-time-training"?  We can do that too...

Pilot training team collaboration

Be in the KNOW

Your company can subscribe to Articulate 360 for about $130/mo.   This allows for us to work together and share files to build myour new courses!  Let us do the heavy graphics to support you at low cost!

Trim-Teams can provide coaching for your development team.

Your team will be able to develop and modify your own courses.

You will be free to develop anything, and not limited to a canned system.

Remember - you need to have possession of your work. 

Don't give away your IP to a courseware vendor!  

It's a Trap!

Aiding other Development Teams

Takeoff Trim

Unlock Your Aviation Training Capabilities

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