landing gear.70 no name
B737 Cockpit
B737 NG replacement
B737 MAX_6
B737 MAX_11
B737 MAX_15
A320 classic.655 cropped no name
cabina a320 open back2.320
A320 Cockpit
A320 neo_8
cabina a320 open with NO seats.566
A320 neo_6

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Takeoff Trim

Unlock Your Aviation Training Capabilities

Type Rating | COURSEWARE

Takeoff Trim courseware is activity-based and will have input from many experts.

Our goal of global collaboration is to provide airlines a choice of updates, that will result in the most complete learning system available in the industry.

A320 Cabin

Recurrent | COURSEWARE

Our recurrent training ensures your crews don't receive the same old training each  year.

We can change it up for you, or with the optional "Trim-Teams" account - you can do it yourself.   Your recurrent crews will be more engaged with Takeoff Trim. 

Aircraft type rating


Takeoff Trim will add new GenSubs to our library through collaboration!

Better graphics, delivery, and content.   By working together.

Takeoff Trim | EXAMS

Our Initial and Recurrent Courses include EXAMS and you can even make your own!

Add your own exams, our exams, or build exams right in the LMS!

"OPTIONAL" - With a Trim-Teams subscription, we supply graphics and interactivity to plug into your own exams.  

Virtual Instructor | TOOLS

The Takeoff Trim LMS allows you to schedule and track VILT sessions within your courses.

Common systems (such as Zoom) will integrate with the LMS.

Takeoff Trim PRODUCTS

Supporting our Team in a manner that’s effortless, accurate, and friendly.